Which strategies/technologies have the Royal Flying Doctor Service used throughout their history to provide medical support for people who live and work in remote parts of Australia?


Step 1: Choose one of the sources on remote health care throughout the history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. You may work in pairs or small groups.

Step 2: Research the source using online resources including the Royal Flying Doctor Service website, State Library of Victoria and the National Library of Australia.

Step 3: Use a digital format to explain how this invention, technique, person or strategy supported the Royal Flying Doctor Service’s mission to provide health care for people living and working in remote locations. Suggestions for digital tools include apps such as Explain Everything or Puppet Pals, creating a digital story in iMovie, or designing an infographic using Canva.

Step 4: Your response should include the following information:

WHAT are the characteristics of this strategy/technology/person for providing medical support to people who live in remote Australia? (Describe what it is and how it works.)
WHEN was this strategy/technology developed?
WHO developed it?
WHY was it required?
HOW has it changed over time? Is it still used? Has it been modernised? Adapted? Replaced? Is there a modern equivalent? Are there still people performing this role?