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By Chloe Jordan and Sophie Reynolds | 5 June 2017

On Monday the 5th of June 2017, the royal flying doctors service came to our school to visit and teach us about their service and their work. It was fun and it taught us many interesting facts.

Tom taught us about the Royal Flying Doctors service, he has visited our school a few years ago. He taught us many interesting facts such as who founded the Royal Flying Doctors. Learning about the founder, Mr John Flynn who is also the man on the front of the $20 note with the picture of the first Royal Flying Doctors plane. Mr John Flynn raised money to buy the first plane for the flying doctors service.

Another fact is that the simulator that we all got to explore is worth $600,000! Therefore, we all had to be very careful while we were inside the aeroplane because it is worth such a lot of money. Inside there were many cool things. Some of our students were lucky enough to have a good look at the cockpit and a lot of the other equipment like, radio headphones that you could use and talk with another people on the other side of the plane, there was Oxygen masks, a stretcher and teddy bears to make kids feel safe. We also got to try on virtual reality goggles which were really fun and cool to play around with, there were all different kinds of views to look at.

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