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19 May

Look up in the Sky! It’s the Flying Doctor!

Media Release
20 May, 2016

Launching on Monday 23 May, the Royal Flying Doctor Service is making education easier with its new online resources for students from Grade 2 to 6.
The rich and vibrant history of the Flying Doctor is a great backdrop for children to learn about Australia.

The new online resource, with videos, lessons, resources and more, connects children from the city to those of their same age in country areas.  It details the history and activities of the School of the Air (originally set up by the RFDS) and also engages children with planes, rescue missions and more.

“We know from our Look Up in the Sky! Education Program in Victoria that children are incredibly curious and inspired by information, especially how the Flying Doctors helps them learn about Australia’s history and geography. We want to help teachers continue to nurture children’s interest” said RFDS Victoria CEO Scott Chapman.

Mr Chapman added that plane travel and outback imagery is an exciting prospect for children, and the Flying Doctors is passionate about connecting rural and urban families through the education resource.



  • Learning support for students grade 2 – 6 in Australia and around the world
  • Videos and fun activities for history and geography education
  • Photos and project materials

Visit the ‘Flying Doctor 4 Education’ at


The Flying Doctors has been voted as Australia’s most reputable charity for five years in a row and has been providing aero-medical assistance and primary health care services since 1928.   RFDS Victoria delivers air and road patient transport, primary health care programs such as diabetes, mobile eye and dental care and rural women’s

GP services, as well as raising funds for emergency retrieval across Australia.
Nationally the RFDS comes into contact with over 290,000 patients annually, or more than 800 every day, performs around 37,000 aeromedical evacuations and conducts about 15,000 healthcare clinics per year.

Media contact – Meagan Patroni 0447 546 764 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Look! Up in the Sky is a comprehensive educational resource which has been written by a team of practising and registered teachers for Primary School students.

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