The unit is divided into three sections:


The THINK section is teacher-led, with students responding to key questions and using their deductive thinking skills to analyse several visual primary sources.


In the VIEW section students watch a short introductory documentary about the School of the Air. They then watch recorded testimonials from three key sources on how remote learning during COVID is similar or different to the way that students at School of the Air learn every day.


In the RESPOND section students reflect on the content and questions presented in the two earlier sections. They then organise their thinking using both a chart and a Venn diagram. Students conclude the unit by reflecting on their own experiences with remote learning for a school archival activity.


This unit of work is aligned to the following curriculum standards.

Creative and Critical THinking: FOUNDATION – 2

Questions and Possibilities

Identify, describe and use different kinds of question stems to gather information and ideas (VCCCTQ001)

Consider personal reactions to situations or problems and how these reactions may influence thinking (VCCCTQ002)

Make simple modifications to known ideas and routine solutions to generate some different ideas and possibilities (VCCCTQ003)


Examine words that show reasons and words that show conclusions (VCCCTR004)

Compare and contrast information and ideas in own and others’ reasoning (VCCCTR005)

Consider how reasons and examples are used to support a point of view and illustrate meaning (VCCCTR006)

Personal and Social Capability: FOUNDATION – 2

Self-Awareness and Management

Development of Resilience

Identify personal strengths and describe how these strengths are useful in school or family life (VCPSCSE009)

Explain how being prepared to try new things can help identify strategies when faced with unfamiliar or challenging situations (VCPSCSE010)


Historical Knowledge

Community Histories

The effect of changing technology on people’s lives and their perspectives on the significance of that change (VCHHK065)

Historical Skills and Concepts

Historical Sources as Evidence

Identify perspectives about changes to daily life from people in the past or present (VCHHC055)

geography: FOUNDATION – 2

Geographical Concepts and Skills

Place, space and interconnection

Identify and describe the features of places at a local scale and how they change, recognising that people describe the features of places differently (VCGGC057)

Describe and explain where places and activities are located (VCGGC058)

Identify how people are connected to different places (VCGGC059)