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AS A CLASS, PLAN WHAT YOUR EXHIBITION STAND WILL LOOK LIKE. IT WILL BE USEFUL TO BREAK INTO SMALL GROUPS TO WORK ON SPECIFIC ASPECTS OF THE STAND. When you have finished, invite other classes from your school to visit your stand, explaining to them about the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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COMMUNICATION The exhibition will be very crowded and you will need to make your ideas stand out. You can communicate your knowledge through a range of styles such as: 1. Pamphlets to give out to visitors2. Videos to play on the screen stand3. A display model4. A podcast for visitors to download5. A poster for…

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CONTENT Use the information you gathered during your museum visit as a starting point and do some extra research to create an exhibition stand to share the following information with local and international visitors: How did the Royal Flying Doctor Service begin?Why is the Royal Flying Doctor Service so important in Australia?Who were some of…

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SCENARIO: A government committee is keen to revive the International Exhibition in Australia and would like to showcase some of the organisations that helped shape Australia from the early twentieth century to today. Your class has been asked to put together a stand about the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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DURING THE NINETEENTH AND TWENTIETH CENTURIES, INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS BECAME VERY POPULAR AS A MEANS OF SHARING EXCITING NEW IDEAS AND INVENTIONS. The 1888 International Exhibition was held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. Countries were invited to put together stands where they could showcase the best of their national industry. Displays at the 1888…

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EACH PAIR OF STUDENTS SHOULD BE ALLOCATED AN INQUIRY QUESTION FROM THE LIST BELOW. Remember that you may need to visit more than one place in the museum to develop your response. Australian Inland Mission1. What is an Inlander? Why was the Australian Inland Mission founded?John Flynn2. Who was John Flynn and what was his…

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WORK IN PAIRS AND TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE FLYING DOCTOR SERVICE (RFDS) MUSEUM CENTRE IN BROKEN HILL. While you’re in the museum, your task is to gather information on the research question, ‘How did the Royal Flying Doctor Service shape Australia during the Twentieth Century?