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WHAT CHALLENGES MIGHT MEL HAVE HAD IN RECEIVING EMERGENCY MEDICAL HELP IF SHE HAD LIVED IN 1880? Complete the reverse chronology table below. How might the outcome for Mel have been different? Mel is riding a horse across a paddock in 1880. Its leg gets stuck in a wombat hole and she is thrown to…

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WHAT HAD TO BE DONE (BEFORE THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN) FOR MEL TO GET MEDICAL HELP? Mel is airlifted by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to Alice Springs Hospital Mel is travelling across a farming property on a motorbike. The wheel gets stuck in a wombat hole and she is thrown from the bike.

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REVERSE CHRONOLOGY This is Helen Springs Station as seen on Google Earth. Open Google Maps in a new browser and type in Helen Springs Station to go on a virtual excursion. Make 5 observations of the local environment you see around you.

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AS A CLASS, PLAN WHAT YOUR EXHIBITION STAND WILL LOOK LIKE. IT WILL BE USEFUL TO BREAK INTO SMALL GROUPS TO WORK ON SPECIFIC ASPECTS OF THE STAND. When you have finished, invite other classes from your school to visit your stand, explaining to them about the Royal Flying Doctor Service.